Remote-work Wireheading w/ Tom Goodwin


For better and for worse, moments in real life over the past year have probably reminded you of scenes from a sci-fi movie. Is our virtual world becoming our reality – or has that already happened? 


In today’s episode, Tim Flower and Thomas McGrath of Nexthink speak with Tom Goodwin, author, columnist, and founding member of Wharton’s Future of Advertising board. They had an insightful and free-flowing conversation about the dynamic between advancing technology and human behavior, as well as… 


- How the pandemic highlighted the psychological impact of modern technology 

- Questioning the constraints of the contemporary work life 

- The most alarming – and inspiring – technological advancements since the pandemic 


For more on technological innovation since the pandemic, click here for Nexthink’s latest eBook Distributed Minds: IT Thought Leadership for the Age of Remote Work.  


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