CIOs in the Age of Experience w/Martha Heller


Companies have adopted, improved, and innovated technologically to fit business needs for hundreds of years. Now, we are living in a moment that will be historic as CIOs move entire companies from on-prem to online.

In this episode, Tim Flower and Thomas McGrath of Nexthink speak with Martha Heller, CEO of Heller Search Associates, on episode 3 of the Digital Employee Experience podcast. After speaking with numerous CIOs before and during the pandemic, Martha shares what she has seen on the front lines of these executive roles and...

- The CIO Paradox

- Digital Transformation as a Team Sport

- Re-Inventing Company Culture

For more information on CIOs and how decisions are driving organizations to be more technology enabled, Nexthink has an on-demand webinar for listeners of today’s show put on by Slater and Gordon’s IT team. For more information, head over to or LinkedIn to stay connected!

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